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Summer 2009 Vol 19 No 3
The Endangered Habitats League is dedicated to the protection of the diverse ecosystems of Southern California and to sensitive and sustainable land use for the benefit of all the region's inhabitants. The EHL Newsletter is published quarterly to chronicle our plans, activities, and successes.
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Temecula bid to save open space fails

Typically, when cities seek to expand their boundaries by annexing land, it is for development purposes, and usually succeeds. But when Temecula requested an annexation to preserve open space, its request was denied.
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EHL legal settlement improves brush clearing regulations

EHL and the Riverside County Fire Department worked together to forge an improved ordinance governing vegetation clearing for fire safety near structures and roadways. Under the settlement, habitat lands will receive protection from unnecessary disturbance.
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Meeting the challenge of restoration

Beyond protection lies restoration. Tens of thousands of acres of native vegetation have been “type converted” to weedy species. But promising restoration efforts are now underway.
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Draft San Diego General Plan Update released

The County of San Diego has released a draft plan that could transform land use in the unincorporated area. EHL is working to overcome obstacles to the plan’s success.
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Poetry by Jess Morton


Light is divided from the darkness
one revelation at a time.
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The San Diego Foundation supports EHL’s work

EHL gratefully acknowledges an important grant from The San Diego Foundation to help us acquire and protect wildlife habitat. This grant was made possible by the Richard E. and Frances M. Woodard Fund, Oliver R. Porter Memorial Fund, Doris Florentine Fund, and Ariel W. Coggeshall Fund.
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