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Fall 2009 Vol 19 No 4
The Endangered Habitats League is dedicated to the protection of the diverse ecosystems of Southern California and to sensitive and sustainable land use for the benefit of all the region's inhabitants. The EHL Newsletter is published quarterly to chronicle our plans, activities, and successes.
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EHL successfully settles litigation over the 2003 Riverside County General Plan
In 2003, EHL filed suit on California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)grounds against Riverside County’s General Plan Update. This suit hasnow been settled to add protections to rural and habitat lands.
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Tribal annexations threaten San Diego and Riverside habitat reserves
If private property is purchased by tribes and then annexed intoreservations, the protections called for in regional multiple speciesplans may be lost. EHL is commenting on two such proposals.
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Mid County Parkway proposal amended to respect Riverside MSHCP
Earlier this year, EHL expressed concern that the western leg of a new highway would violate conditions contained in the regional multi-species plan. In response to this and to concerns raised by others, the offending alignment has been dropped.
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EHL comments on San Diego County General Plan Update
In order to preserve San Diego’s countryside and rich habitats, EHL criticized the “preferred project” in comparison with a land use map developed by planning staff and stakeholders.
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Beasts and Botany by Jess Morton
An unkindness of ravens? Oh, I don’t think so!
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