Reflecting the difficulties of federal and state permitting for this ill-conceived project, the proposed extension of the proposed Foothill toll road through San Onofre State Beach has fallen 2 years behind schedule. The toll road agency now hopes for approvals in 2010.

Meanwhile, litigation under CEQA is moving forward. These suits were brought by a coalition of groups that includes EHL and also by the California Attorney General. Currently, the venue for the legal proceedings – San Diego County vs. Orange County – is under dispute, with the environmental groups favoring San Diego. A federal lawsuit is also underway. Filed on behalf of the Native American Heritage Commission by the Attorney General, its purpose it to protect sacred sites.

The Coalition to Save San Onofre continues to educate the public on the importance of our parks and alternatives to the toll road. There is a growing list of park supporters, including local governments, community groups, and businesses.

In Sacramento, Assemblymembers Huffman and Feuer have introduced AB 1457 to protect all of California’s state parks from harmful roads. For the latest toll road news, always see: