South of the City of Chino lies a relatively unknown treasure, the Prado Basin. EHL continues to work for its preservation and restoration.

Most of the undeveloped land left in the basin is owned by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Over the years, the Corps has turned this high quality habitat over to various active recreational uses, like golf courses. Now, given the enormous amount of new development in neighboring Chino Hills, Chino, Ontario, and Riverside County, it is time to re-vision the area as a giant restoration opportunity. In 2006, a stakeholder effort led by the Inland Empire Utility Agency (the Chino Creek Integrated Program) provided a sound basis for future actions. EHL will further advance these goals when the Army Corps releases a draft Master Plan.

In the southern end of the basin, near the Prado Dam, the Orange County Water District maintains artificial wetlands to treat urban runoff. To the north, EHL is working with the City of Ontario to maximize the habitat value of additional treatment wetlands it wishes to construct. Finally, we are working to permanently protect privately held lands currently designated by the City of Chino for agriculture and natural open space by purchasing conservation easements.