EHL appeared in the media regarding settling litigation between San Diego County and Rancho Guejito and regarding the Foothill toll road.

In 2012, EHL "intervened" in litigation filed by the 23,000-acre Rancho Guejito against the new San Diego County General Plan that assigned very low density rural zoning to the property. We were therefore part of a settlement agreement that resolved grading violations related to agricultural activities but left the zoning unchanged. EHL was quoted as to the outcome in the UT San Diego (“Rancho Guejito, county, settle lawsuits,” Feb. 28, 2014). Dan Silver, president of the league, said the agreement is a good one for all that were involved. “I don’t see it as if there were big winners or losers,” he said. “Everybody came out okay.”

When the Los Angeles Times covered the Orange County toll road agency’s cessation of permitting for the full length of a highway that would go through San Onofre State Beach (“O.C. tollway cancels studies for controversial extension,” April 8, 2014) EHL helped set the record straight regarding the true nature of the agency’s more limited “Tesoro” segment, which is still active. Environmentalists have criticized the Tesoro proposal as a foot in the door to eventually revive the full extension. They have proposed non-tollway alternatives instead of building what amounts to a third of the Foothill South. The Tesoro "has no independent utility and no other purpose except as part of a larger project," said Dan Silver, executive director of the Endangered Habitats League.

In the Orange County Register’s detailed reporting on this same issue (“Agency abandons planned 241 toll road near Trestles,” April 9, 2014), EHL was again able to clarify the actual significance of the decision to cancel applications for the entire toll road. Dan Silver of the Endangered Habitats League, a nonprofit environmental group, also expressed skepticism. “They seem to be saying, ‘Well now, gee, we can focus on the Tesoro extension,’ but it’s extremely misleading because the Tesoro extension has only one purpose in life, and that’s to be the foot in the door for the larger route. It doesn’t make any more sense to build the first segment; it’s just a waste of money,” Silver said.