Hold Raven

 Hold raven
 your high perch, glory your black head
 let me see those quick feathers curve
 across your back

 and down your back
 black as this rich high feathering
 your hair caught up, curves from quick head
 held high

 Hold raven
 and turn on the vital air
 rising against one's gravity
 to soar outward

 and soar outward
 spirit, rise to that vital point
 where I turn in your gravity
 holding on

 Hold raven
 the high excitement in your voice
 thrown into the wind's wild caress
 of another

 And another
 has my voice caressing this wind
 with that wild raven's excitement
 I hold

 Hold raven
 that intimate knowledge of hills
 passing under your outspread wings'

 and possessed
 with each other's intimate hills
 we lie knowing how our wings spread
 to hold on