EHL was quoted on western snowy plovers and Otay Ranch litigation

The San Diego Union-Tribune covered the court decision on Otay Ranch Village 14, a case brought by EHL and its allies (“Judge strikes down envisioned Otay Ranch housing project, citing wildfire, climate change,” Oct. 7, 2021). 

“We can’t keep approving projects in remote locations, in wildlands, in high-fire risk areas that have high greenhouse gas emissions,” said Dan Silver, chief executive of the Endangered Habitats League. “We’re in another world now.”

The California attorney general, who intervened on fire safety and greenhouse gas issues was also quoted on the need for land use planning to reflect climate-related hazards.

“California is on track for yet another record-breaking, climate-fueled wildfire season,” Attorney General Rob Bonta said in a statement late Thursday. “As these mega-disasters become the norm, it is more critical than ever that we build responsibly. We can’t keep making the same mistakes. The land use decisions we make now will have consequences for years and decades to come.”

The Orange County Register (“Enforcement at Orange County’s illegal dog beach may be ramping up,” Nov. 3, 2021) provided in-depth coverage of plover and least tern harassment on Orange County beaches. When the State Lands Commission renewed a lease to Orange County, it included provisions that can help protect the endangered birds. 

“It’s still an incomplete step because we have a manpower shortage in terms of enforcement personnel,” said Dan Silver, executive director of the Endangered Habitat League. “But it’s an important step. Up until this time, the county denied it had jurisdiction to enforce its ordinance throughout that area. The lease agreement makes it explicit that the county has enforcement responsibility.”