Taking courageous action on March 28, 2006, the Board of Supervisors set much needed limits for OHV use on private parcels. They simultaneously initiated a process to appropriately site OHV parks that would be open to the public.

Complaints of abusive OHV behavior had flooded Board offices. Realizing that a noise ordinance alone would be unenforceable, limits were set for number of riders, time of day, and size of parcel. Very importantly, and responding to an issue raised by EHL, all riding must conform to the Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan, or MSHCP, and respect the areas that may be needed for preserve assembly. However, legal challenge from the OHV industry is expected.

EHL commends the Board action, which we supported with written and oral testimony. We also support the proper siting of OHV parks for public use and pledge our assistance in this endeavor.