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EHL Newsletter • Fall 2018
The Endangered Habitats League is dedicated to the protection of the diverse ecosystems of Southern California and to sensitive and sustainable land use for the benefit of all the region's inhabitants. The EHL Newsletter is published quarterly to chronicle our plans, activities, and successes.
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Lytle Creek Update: EHL sues City of Rialto and releases hydrology report
Litigation was filed against the City of Rialto, and a state-of-the-art hydrologic study was provided to agencies deciding whether to permit massive development along Lytle Creek.
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Los Angeles Metro moves forward on advanced mitigation

EHL is working to bring meaningful mitigation to transportation projects that affect natural habitat.
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EHL opposes sprawl projects in San Diego County
EHL has filed litigation against a massive project that conflicts with regional habitat planning and joined litigation against other projects that violate the General Plan.
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San Diego County Climate Action Plan litigated

EHL has joined litigation to improve a flawed plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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EHL in the News
EHL commented to the media on land use and endangered species policies.
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Poetry by Jess Morton

Sand Maths
Birds score zero by what our IQ math books teach,
yet with sandy tracks of shorebird psi and seagull del
the birds scratch out sound mathematics on the beach
to solve for what the sands and breakers have to tell.
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